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Specialists in Electrical Project Delivery

Commercial and industrial contractor electricians are different to domestic electricians as they are specialists in larger and more complex electrical projects. Although domestic, commercial and industrial electricians are all A-Class electricians, the commercial and industrial electricians will have additional skills such as project management, supervision and leadership.

This ensures that your project is completed in an efficient and timely manner. This means we stay on budget and you can get back to business in the least amount of time. As one of the leading commercial and industrial contractors in Adelaide, we are capable of delivering successful projects which may entail industrial lighting, commercial lighting, exit and emergency lights, expert data cabling, phone cabling, testing of residual current devices (RCDs), electrical design, testing and tagging, electrical maintenance contracts, building management systems (BMS), LED and energy saving lights, CCTV installation and repairs.

We stay up to date regarding the latest electrical and lighting technology and deliver a professional service along with a guarantee of our quality workmanship. We are an electrical contractor that is held to the highest standards on delivery critical projects and this quality flows down to commercial and domestic installations without a cost increase due to our expertise in project planning and execution. One of the ways that we satisfy customers the most is through our regular and simple to understand communication about project progress which manages customer expectations and makes the whole process pain free.

A selection of suitable projects and expertise for our fully qualified commercial and industrial contracting electricians are outlined below:

- Retail shops & cafes
- Restaurants
- Hotels
- Office Buildings
- Corporate Fit-Outs
- Temporary Stall Fit-Outs
- Shopping centres 
- Wastewater treatment plants 
- Power stations 
- Hospitals
- Mining operations and conveyor systems 
- Testing and tagging of portable electrical appliances in your workplace
- Specialty and display lighting 
- Electrical wiring 
- EFTPOS machines 
- Phone & data (utilities) 
- Cash register fit outs 
- Data cabling 
- Security systems / Monitors / CCTV 
- Air conditioning 
- Building works supervision 
- Preventative electrical maintenance 
- Switchboard cleaning and maintenance 
- Exit and emergency light installation, testing, cleaning and maintenance 
- Programmable logic controller (PLC) works and automation 
- Hazardous area works 
- High voltage works 
- Automation, control and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Something to seriously consider…
  • Lighting accounts for approximately 35 percent of electricity costs in commercial buildings. 
  • LED lights use about 50 percent less electricity than conventional lighting. 
  • When you engage Adelaide Electrician to replace your conventional lights with LEDs, you’ll immediately see the cost savings on your next power bill and the LEDs will pay for themselves.

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