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Having Portable Electrical Equipment Tested and Tagged is the Law

What Equipment Needs Test and Tag? 
In Australia, any appliance which a business uses that has a flexible cord and plugs into either a single phase 240V power outlet or 3 phase 415V power outlet, must be tested on a regular basis to ensure that the appliance is electrically safe to use. An appliance could be a laptop, a display screen, a toaster, a power board or an extension lead. 
What is Test and Tag? 
The appliance is first visually inspected to check that it appears in good working order i.e. no external damage is observed and there are no cuts to the electric cord or plug. The appliance is then electrically tested using a device known as a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) which either returns a PASS or a FAIL. Once the appliance is tested and has passed, a tag is fixed to the appliance’s cord which provides a range of details; most notable is when the appliance needs to be tested again. This is what is known as Test and Tag. 
For those interested, a PAT tests the following: insulation resistance; earth continuity, earth routine or earth bond test, a polarity test and earth leakage. 
How Often Does Equipment Need to be Tested and Tagged? 
Australian Standards AS3760 sets out the electrical testing that must be undertaken and how frequently is shall be done. Appliances in the workplace typically need to be tested every 12 months but some appliances need it every 3 months. AS3760 provides this information. If you don’t have a copy of AS3760 and want to know how often your equipment needs testing, call Adelaide Electrician and our friendly staff will assist. 
Why Do I Need to Test and Tag Appliances in the Workplace? 
Testing and confirming that a workplace’s electrical equipment is in good working order is not only a good preventative measure to minimise down-time of the appliances in your business, it is a mandatory requirement. Without testing and tagging, your business may have unknown electrical dangers lurking in the workplace and the business could also be at risk of safety violations, injuries, and in the worst cases, employee or customer death. 
Have you had your electrical appliances and devices tested and tagged recently and are your records up to date? 
If not, give Adelaide Electrician a call and we can fix all that. 

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